Sabbath! I Got to Work.

May believers work on the Sabbath?  This is an appropriate question if you want to follow the Ten Commandments.  Should Christian not go to work?  Should we quit our jobs if they make us work on Sunday?  The short answer is no.  The law of society dictates the necessity to work on the Sabbath.  For instance, the social order cannot function without the help of police, fire department, military, doctors, etc.  These occupations within our civilization must continue everyday.  Christian fireman for example may have to work on the Sabbath.  Failure to do so could harm society.  You would not be a good neighbor if you let his house burn down.

Every culture is different.  In the past in an agrarian society, it was easier to keep the Sabbath.  A farmer could put off baling hay or harvesting crops without affecting society and Christian farmers would on the Sabbath.  There were, nonetheless, situations in which he or she had to work on the Sabbath out of necessity.  For instance, weather and the natural cycle of crops deemed work on the Sabbath necessary from time to time.  If they failed to harvest on a particular Sunday they could have adversely affected the community.  These situations are limited in agrarian societies and rule of necessity does not often apply.  Most Christians were and are in church every Sunday in these societies.

A modern society, however, overwhelms the particulars with utilities, public transportation, crime, hospitals, etc.  One cannot overlook the increase of particular duties that modern society places on the Sabbath.  It may be necessary for believers to work on the Sabbath and more so in our society.  You may simply need to put food on the table.

Nevertheless, we should not use necessity as license to forgo church completely.  God calls us to honor the day by going to church.  We should do everything in our natural power to attend church.  Public worship is necessary for the ordinary means of grace.  Failure to attend church is failure to attend to the means of grace, failure to have your soul nourished and refreshed for eternal life.  If you are able this Lord’s Day, I invite you to attend our worship service.  Out of necessity for the power of God unto salvation, we will preach what you need—the gospel (Rom 1:16).

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