Give Me God’s Hymnbook on the Sabbath

Interested in the singing of Psalms in corporate worship? I for one love the Psalter. I l am thankful that the Church Order of my federation, article 39, states, “The 150 Psalms shall have the principal place in the singing of the churches.” We do sing other texts in this church plant. Nevertheless, God’s Hymnbook takes the chief place in our singing.  Notice I did not say “takes chief place in our worship,” because the entire service is worship not just the singing.

Anywho, Westminster Seminary California has just posted another book review of mine on the topic of Psalm singing, Sing a New Song by Joel Beeke and Anthony Selvaggio. This book would be a good primer for those interested in the “worship wars” as they relate to psalmody.  The book is not limited to exclusive psalmody per se, as it is more an argument for using inspired text in worship. If you are in Missoula and have never sung from a Psalter then come check us out this Lord’s Day at 1:00pm.  We will sing Psalm 23, 51:10–12, and 65.  We will also sing Habakkuk 2:20.  If you want to know more about Psalm singing, then check out my book review click here.

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