Fifth Bible Study Save the Date: April 18 at 6:00pm

We will be having our fifth study next Monday.  My wife will be in attendance and looks forward to meeting and seeing everyone. As the semester draws near, we are getting excited about the future and moving to Missoula, although the winter is going to take some time getting use to it.  We have been spoiled in So Cal for the last 5 years.

We are ready to see the church plant in Missoula, to see the gospel form a communion whose soul will be the preaching of the Word.  The physical body made up of fellowship.  A body, who will be spiritually refreshed and renewed each week on the sacraments, whose breath will be the prayers of the saints.  A church that will sing back to God his Word in glad tidings.  A community of grace guarded by church discipline.  Finally, a city on a hill, whose witness will spread to every tongue tribe and nation all to the glory of God the Father, in Christ Jesus, and by the Holy Spirit as our Triune God reconciles his people and sends them out into the world with his blessing.  Amen!

Our fifth meeting will be held at Sean Kelly’s, The Stone of Accord, located at 4951 N. Reserve St., a block south from I-90 Reserve Street Exit.

The Stone offers great dinner and has the perfect size conference room (down the hall on the right).  So, come hungry for God’s Word, great food, and fellowship.  I hope to see you there and invite friends, all are welcome, whether Reformed, on the journey, or interested in hearing about a simple Gospel centered church.


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