Sola Scriptura: The Protestant Understanding of the Authority of Tradition

Does tradition have any value in the church or for the Christian? Roman Catholicism believes tradition carries an authority equal or superior to Scripture. What about Protestants: during the Reformation, the Magisterial Reformers came up with sola scriptura in response to Rome. There is, however, a division within Protestantism over sola scriptura. Many Protestants, against Rome, fear any sign of tradition, whereas others are not so frightened by tradition. The result is two views of sola scriptura. The two positions have been labeled: tradition 0, which detests tradition as authority, and tradition 1, which affirms tradition as a subordinate authority. I plan with these posts to discover the position that correctly handles the doctrine of sola scriptura. For a sneak peek, I believe tradition 0 ends in autonomy, relativism and therefore skepticism. Whereas tradition 1, held by the apostles, the early church, and the Magisterial Reformers, preserves doctrinal truth, the church, and Scripture as the supreme authority.


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