Pilgrims and Exiles: Tomorrow is the Fourth Bible Study!

As pilgrims living between the ages, as sojourners and exiles anticipating God’s glorious return, we center our pilgrimage around Christ’s church.  It is the only institution Christ died for that we might have our souls nourished and our spirits refreshed for eternal life in this age.  This saturday is our fourth Bible study. Come and be a part of a potential new church plant, where, Lord willing, one day God’s heavenly manna of Word and Sacrament will pour fourth.

We are meeting at 6:30pm, Saturday the 19th at Sean Kelly’s, The Stone of Accord, located at 4951 N. Reserve St., a block south from I-90 Reserve Street Exit.  The Stone offers great dinner and has the perfect size conference room (down the hall on the right).  So, come hungry for God’s Word, great food, and fellowship.  I hope to see you there and invite friends, all are welcome, whether Reformed, on the journey, or interested in hearing about a simple Gospel centered church.

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