We Need the Covenant of Works!


One thought on “We Need the Covenant of Works!

  1. Prophessor Estelle is correct in understanding a critical relationship between the covenant of works, and our understanding of Christ’s work as the last Adam. Why is this so contraversial among so called reformed pastors. I don’t understand the attraction to the monocovenantal nightmare that so many espouse. Doctor Estelle, is also correct in pointing out a false dicotomy between a relational theology and a legal theology. The legal is the basis for the relational. Apart from the legal covenantal aspect of marriage, living together is the equivolent of shaking up–adultery. The legal is the basis for the relationship. The same is true when parents adopt a child. The legal process is necessary, apart from the legal process, there is no adoption.

    Mark J. Stromberg Belgrade URC

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