I’m Valiant for Truth

My first book review for the Valiant for Truth blog over at Westminster Seminary California has been published: James K. A. Smith, Letters to a Young Calvinist: An Invitation to the Reformed Tradition (Grand Rapids: Brazos, 2010), 160pp, $14.99. Paper. Here is my excerpt:

“James K. A. Smith’s, Letters to a Young Calvinist exposes the overemphasis of TULIP among ‘new Calvinism,’ and encourages young Calvinists to avoid pride and arrogance that often accompanies theological exercise.  The format of this book is straightforward.  Each chapter is a letter to ‘Jesse,’ (the name is unimportant; think of yourself as the addressee) from an experienced Reformed mentor, who pastorally shows concern and counsel.”

Click here Valiant for Truth to see the blog entry.

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