Bible Study Around the Corner on Jan 22nd

As Christians, we are often called pilgrims.  Almost all of us know the allegory of the Christian faith, The Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan, which tells the story of Christian and his sojourn to Celestial City.  These metaphors are quite appropriate, for an example, 1Peter offers encouragement to a persecuted church by explaining that they are on an earthly pilgrimage.  Peter uses the metaphor of exiled pilgrims to control the entire epistle to show that the Christian life is a spiritual journey.  Like Abraham, we sojourn as aliens in this age looking for an eternal city (Heb 11:9–10).  Christians are on a short-term pilgrimage toward this eternal city, we are not alone—we sojourn in and around the church.  The church is the center of our earthly pilgrimage.  Our next Bible study is days away on January 22 at 6:00pm.  The meeting will be held at Sean Kelly’s, The Stone of Accord, located at 4951 N. Reserve St. a block south from I-90 Reserve Street Exit.  We will be meeting in the conference room off to the side of the restaurant.  The topic of this study will be the Kingdom of God.  Come this Saturday to learn about the Kingdom of God and this potential Reformed church plant.  Anyone and everyone is welcome, bring a friend especially those not on this pilgrimage.




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