First Bible Study Save the Date: December 17 at 6:30

In John 5, Jesus rebuked the Pharisees’ use of Scripture.  They searched the Bible for principles to live by, when they should have been searching them to find Jesus.  Jesus said, “it is they [Scripture] that bear witness about me” (5:45).  Jesus then explained how Moses, when he wrote the first five books of the Bible, wrote about Jesus (5:46).  The Gospel of Luke explains how Jesus on the Road to Emmaus, taught his disciples “everything written about,” him from the whole Old Testament.

Understanding that Jesus is the subject of the whole Bible, our first URC Bible study will take place December 17 at 6:30.  If you would like to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ taught from every page of Scripture, then you are going to like this Reformed Bible study.  My good friend John Earl has kindly offered to host this study at 4013 Bellecrest, Missoula, MT 59801.  If you are coming and want info on how to find his house, he asked that you call him at (406) 544–8736, or email me at

5 thoughts on “First Bible Study Save the Date: December 17 at 6:30

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      • So that means you refuse to contact them? Because you believe (erroneously, I might add) that they are not a church?

      • Reformed individuals do not make ecclesiastical decisions. It is not what I believe about the CRE, but what the Reformed churches believe. The American Presbyterians and Reformed churches do not recognize the CRE. Federal Vision soteriology is cooperation with grace. The verdict of justification does not happen instantaneously nor is it complete as Reformed Justification. Rather Federal Visionists speak of tenses of justification. This is not much different from Rome’s doctrine of first justification. God’s cooperation grace allows the baptized to complete justification with “works of faith-filled obedience,” which are the “cause of our final justification and salvation.” Federal Visionists ground justification not in the imputation of Christ’s righteousness, but, in subtle steps back to Rome, insists on an inherent righteousness. Reformed Confessions categorically deny Federal Vision distinctions.

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